Dr. Matthew I. Cooper


Dr. Matthew Cooper received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta, Georgia. His desire to treat a wide range of conditions lead him to take numerous elective seminars to learn the newest evidence based techniques. Post-graduate, he became a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP), certified in Active Release Technique ® (www.activerelease.com), Graston Technique® (www.grastontechnique.com), a USA Olympic Weightlifting Sport Specific Coach, FAKTR ®, learned Kinesio Taping and is a Licensed Enzyme Therapist from the Loomis Institute.

Prior to starting USA Sports Therapy, Dr. Cooper was a partner at Manhattan Sports Medicine in New York City where he tended to top government officials, Wall Street’s most recognizable CEOs, professional athletes, award-wining actors and musicians and entertainment moguls. Not only did he treat patients at the Park Avenue office, during the summer months he started a clinic in the Hamptons to cater to his patients. He relocated to South Florida in 2004, starting Florida Chiropractic and Sports Rehab Centers.

His passion for sports led him to become a Certified Chiropractic Sport Physician and get involved with athletes, fitness and exercise. After treating far too many patients that were injured while exercising at the gym, while running or playing sports, Dr. Cooper started lecturing with orthopedic surgeons to personal trainers, physical therapists and other exercise professionals from around the country. This led to prominent positions as Vice President of the Sports Medicine Academy for Rehabilitation and Training, served on the Medical Advisory Board at leading NYC health clubs including Equinox Fitness Clubs, New York Health and Racquet Clubs and Evolution Studios. Currently he is the Medical Director of Bommarito Performance at Turnberry Isle Resort and holds a weekly class at The William’s Island Spa. He is a frequent lecturer on proper personal training methods and how to avoid injuries at the gym to numerous local fitness and performance centers.

Dr. Cooper's own personal ailments lead him to Enzyme Therapy. After suffering his whole life with acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome, Dr. Cooper started taking enzymes from the Loomis Institute and his stomach problems were gone in two weeks. After researching the Loomis Institute’s Enzyme Therapy, Dr. Cooper thought it would be an extremely valuable service for his patients. Because of the reputation of Manhattan Sports Medicine, he would see many patients that would tell him, “I have been everywhere, saw chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, take medication, had injections, exercise, but do not need surgery. Nothing really helps with my pain for more than a day or two at a time. Please help me.” After learning about enzyme therapy he determined not all pain was physical. There are chemical or nutritional deficiencies that cause pain. Enzyme Therapy changes ones chemical makeup and helps get rid of pain and inflammation that sometimes his hands alone could not cure. His enzymes also play a vital role with his athletes by delivering nutrients that help with sports performance and endurance.

He has invited to treat competitors in Eugene, Oregon for the 2008 USA Olympic Trials, for the 2009 Track and Field World Championships in Berlin, Germany, the 2007 USA National Championships in Indianapolis, and is the team doctor for Northwestern High School Track team. He lectures for many local running clubs such as TNT and treats many local competitive and amateur runners. Beside the Miami Heat, he has the only Alter-G anti-gravity Treadmill in south Florida (www.alter-g.com).

Dr. Cooper has been featured on ABC News, ABC Morning News, Fox News, CBS News, Ocean Drive Magazine, Hamptons Magazine, Miami Magazine, The Sun Post, and was a monthly contributor for The Aventura News, to name a few.

Due to his generous contributions and efforts, he was awarded by The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as Beauty and The Best for outstanding contributions to the community. He has been invited to be the doctor for events such as: The Miami Dolphins yearly golf event, The Crockett Foundation, Athletes for Causes, Jason Taylor Foundation, Terry Kirby's Foundation, The Moss Brothers, Jay Fiedler's Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and more. He also raised money during the American Cancer Society's annual Jail and Bail Event.

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