What Causes Your Symptoms?

You are what you eat, or so they say. But do you know the proper definition of nutrition is not only what you eat but more importantly how you digest, absorb, utilize and eliminate your food? We falsely assume if we eat well, our bodies will handle the rest. As we know with lactose intolerance and multiple other food allergies, this is just not the case. When you eat the wrong food for your body or you do not digest your food properly, your body will not work optimally. You may then develop uncomfortable symptoms (see below) that potentially may lead to serious health issues.

Individuality – No Two People Are Alike
How come you can eat the same diet as your friend or loved one but you have trouble losing weight, have high cholesterol, or get frequent heartburn or indigestion when your friend doesn’t? The reason is we all digest and absorb food differently due to deficiencies in certain enzymes. We have the ability to find your deficiencies and give you precise enzymes and food plans for each of out patient’s individual needs.

Prolong Shelf-life
Naturally occurring enzymes found in raw fruits and vegetables help to digest food before and after they enter your body. Unfortunately most of the enzymes in today’s food is destroyed to prolong shelf-life and increase profits for food companies. Pasteurizing, chemicals, microwaving, frying, and processing food all destroy enzymes; therefore, there is a definite need for Natural Enzyme Therapy.

The Ideal Environment
Enzymes are activated in the right temperature, pH, and moisture (Environment). Maintaining the ideal environment also allows your immune system, cells and organs to function optimally. Digesting your food and delivering the proper nutrients through Natural Enzyme Therapy can improve your internal environment and allow your body to achieve ultimate health.

Obesity in America

  • 127 million Americans are overweight
  • 60 million Americans are OBESE
  • 20% of children 4 years of age are OBESE
  • Responsible for over 300,00 deaths each year.
  • Second Leading Cause of Preventable Death

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