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Why Florida Chiropractic and Sports Rehab Centers?

Our goal at Florida Chiropractic and Sports Rehab Centers is to return you to work and/or to your hobbies or sport as soon as possible. Unlike traditional chiropractic techniques that may get you "addicted" to therapy, our patients do not become dependent on long-term, ongoing treatment.

Providing fast healing, quality care for our patients in a comfortable and friendly environment is our number one priority. At FCSRC we remain on the cutting edge in treatment techniques and technology. We are constantly attending seminars across the country to learn as much as we can about the human body to further help our patients achieve their goal of a speedy recovery.

Most chiropractors or physical therapists get 70% of their patients better. The best practitioners get a large percentage other 30% better. This is the main reason why we are certified in so many different techniques. We have the ability to treat a wide variety of injuries and symptoms and have more solutions to solve our patients’ problems including:

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